Ain’t Nothing But A Gangsta Goodies Party


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In Memory of our Beloved Mama, Grandma & Maw-Maw Gladys Lee Johnson

The holidays were very important to Mama and I always looked forward to the smell of food cooking, our shopping excursions, detailed decorating, the abundance of laughter and music that filled the air during the holidays.


Our mission in the Gangsta Goodies Kitchen is to do our part to help restore families…one meal at a time. We hope our, “Keeping it real,” approach to cooking will inspire you to invite your family & friends into the kitchen with you this holiday season. 


Ain’t Nothing But A Gangsta Goodies Party: Holiday 2017 – A Twist On Tradition is your go to, for unique small bites for your office party, cocktail party, brunch club gatherings and cozy dinners with family & friends. Whatever the occasion you’ll discover tradition with a twist; guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds.




The recipes are literally from our kitchen to yours. We hope that you try them; add your own twist and share them with your loved ones.

We appreciate your support…Thank you!

Happy Holidays

The Gangsta Goodies Kitchen Team