Indoor Herb Garden

We’re heading into April, and the Spring sunshine is beginning to peek through Kansas City, welcoming the opportunity to grill, host your guests outdoors and add some color to your cooking with herb gardens, backyard veggie patches and pitchers of flavored lemonade. I say, bring it on! This week I’d like to spruce up your…
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GangstaLean: Balancing Diet & Fitness

  In honor of March Madness, I’d like to dedicate this week’s blog to the athletes in my GangstaLean audience, or anyone looking to improve diet while balancing a better fitness routine. You don’t have to be a pro athlete to eat like one, it just takes a little time to commit to the basics…
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Michelle Obama’s Healthy Food Agenda

Would you believe me if I told you that it took a Chicago-based pediatrician to tell Michelle Obama that her daughters’ diets and nutritional intake were off balance? According to their family doctor, and there needed to be a serious change in her grocery trips and cooking style if she was going to have a…
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Not Your Mama’s Collard Greens

  This award-winning dish, Not Your Mama’s Collard Greens will have your taste buds jumping with anticipation from the moment you see the bright, bold colors of this collard green wrap. The infusion of fresh collard green leaves with the earthiness of roasted sweet potatoes, sauteed red peppers and chicken that has been draped in…
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jerked to perfection oxtails

Oxtails: Jerked to Perfection

Jump to Recipe Print RecipeJerk seasoning is one of my favorites…I love the sweet heat flavor from meat that has been jerked to perfection. The  versatility of this combination of herbs & spices leaves you wanting more. So, when I found myself out of balance last week…a reminder that I needed to spend some one…
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National Tequila Day

Although, we’re not big tequila drinkers in the Gangsta Goodies Kitchen…we are always ready to celebrate! So when we learned that July 24, 2017 has been deemed National Tequila Day, we certainly had to do our part to observe. With a fresh watermelon in one hand, our favorite tequila in the other and a blender…
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Baked Crab Legs

A few years ago while shopping for crab legs at my local grocery store I discovered exactly what I was missing. Up until that point not only had I never eaten baked crab legs but, I had never heard of anyone cooking crab legs in the oven. The crab legs pictured in this video are…
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Spice It Up

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Ain’t Nothing But A Gangsta Goodies Party Dessert Contest

Xtra! Xtra! Read All  About It! Gangsta Goodies Kitchen NEEDS you!! We’re calling ALL Pie Pushers, Dough Slingers, Cookie Cutters, Brownie Busters, Cupcake Creators and Dessert Hustlers. Ya’ll probably know by now we are not yet connoisseurs of sweet treats (unless it’s a Gangsta Goodies Cocktail).  So, because we’re all about love, food and relationships…
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Kansas City Style Barbecue

I was surfing the net late one night…doing  a little research for an upcoming video tutorial, “Spices 101.” I came across a video clip of this guy talking big you know what about his Kansas City Style Barbecue, Spices, Rubs and Sauces. In  fact, it was a video clip of him doing his thing at…
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